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The Motivational Cycle

When a goal is achieved, the individual rarely stops ther. Often, the accomplished goal leads to other drives. A person never gets contented. One goal leads to other motives or drives.

Abraham Maslow expressed increasing needs of human beings in a heirarchical order. He viewed man’s needs in a ladder-like sequence where one need leads to another until the goal is attained.

Physiological needs, the strongest of the needs occupy the first rung of the ladder. They must be met for survival – food, water, medicines, oxygen clothing. As soon as the physiological needs are met, the individual must seek to satisfy the safety needs, and so on until he reaches the topmost rung of the ladder – self-actualization. Even if Maslow’s theory is in hierarchical order, it does not follow that one need must be met first, before the next need emergers. Some of the needs overlap one another and not one need can be satisfied quite fully.


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    Comment by PRIETHI | July 13, 2009

  2. can you please give us the right information about the motivational cycle?,and also the maslows heirarchy of needs?

    Comment by winlove tatad | July 21, 2009

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